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The Living City

The film illustrates the major part taken by local government in the physical and social redevelopment of London.Made by the Corporation of London for publicity purposes.

This is a film about the story of the City of London and the commuters who flock into the centre every day to provide it with its workers to keep London a flourishing modern city.The film shows areas of London within the Square Mile around landmarks such as St Bartholomews Hospital, the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London and the Port of London. Shots include ships along the Thames, the docks, the Port of London, commuters on London Bridge, streets of London around the Bank of England, insurance and commodities in London, the Port of London Authority warehouses, the markets of London, roads and road improvements, Holborn viaduct, Blackfriars, Paternoster Square, the Barbican, newspaper offices, the Golden Lane estate, open spaces, parks, the City of London Police, the Guildhall, schools in the City, and the Lord Mayors Show.

Producers – Hugo and Elizabeth de Burgh Galway Narrator – Barry Lankaster

Credit: London Metropolitan Archives – www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/lma
London Metropolitan Archives holds a good collection of film, video and audio materials that are being catalogued, conserved and digitised to make them accessible to the public at LMA. This is the prime function of this archive. The AV collections include video from the City of London Corporation, the LCC and the GLC. LMA also has material from the ILEA as well as many businesses and organisations whose records have been deposited or donated to LMA.
(The full catalogue record for this film, LSA/1515 & LSA/18438, is available at www. londonsscreenarchives.org.uk.)

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