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Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature

American architect Douglas Farr, author of the awardwinning book Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature, gave the Richard N. Campen Lecture in Architecture, sponsored by the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University.

Urban planner and President and CEO of Farr Associates Architecture and Urban Design, Doug Farr has earned his reputation through his ecologically sensitive, sustainable urban constructions. His Chicago-based and award-winning architecture and planning firm has recently been named by the New York Times the “most prominent of the city’s growing cadre of ecologically sensitive architects.”

Douglas Farr is the founding principal and president of Farr Associates, an award-wining architecture and urban planning firm identified by the New York Times as “the most prominent of the city’s cadre of ecologically sensitive architects.” Farr Associates holds the unique distinction of being the first in the world to have designed three LEED Platinum buildings. Doug is on the board of the Congress of the New Urbanism, serves on the BioRegional Development Group board of directors, and was the founding chair of the LEED for Neighborhood Development project.

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