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Strelka Talks. “From Welfare City to Neoliberal Utopia” by Michelle Provoost

«From Welfare City to Neoliberal Utopia» is a talk on evolution of utopian models for creating new cities. The speakers follows the shift from welfare state ideal focusing on social housing and public spaces to neoliberal utopia of privatized cities and its implication to citizens of the new towns.

About Michelle Provoost
Michelle Provoost is an architectural historian, who specializes in historic preservation, urban planning history and theory, postwar architecture and contemporary urban development. She co-founded the office of Crimson Architectural Historians in 1994. Since 2008, Dr. Provoost has served as Director of the International New Town Institute (INTI) in Almere, the Netherlands, and the head editor of the INTI publications. She also teaches at various universities (including TU Delft, the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and the University of Amsterdam). Dr. Provoost lectures regularly throughout Europe and the United States, and has been involved in many municipal, national and private committees and juries.

Strelka Talks. “From Welfare City to Neoliberal Utopia” by Michelle Provoost from Strelka Institute on Vimeo.

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