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New Soft City

Muti-sensory interaction design now merges with architecture, planning and an urbanism informed by a gentle ambient drizzle of everyday data – and so a new soft city is being created, alive once again to the touch of its citizens.

Dan Hill is a designer and urbanist. He’s been working at the forefront of interaction design since the early ’90s and is responsible for shaping many innovative, popular and critically acclaimed products and services. He is currently a senior consultant at Arup in Sydney. He co-founded the global media product Monocle, and is one of the organizers of the acclaimed acclaimed and urbanism event Postoplis!, running in New York and Los Angles. He also writes City of Sound, generally thought of as one of the leading architecture and urbanism websites. For Arup, Dan is exploring the possibilities of urban informatics from a creative, design-led perspective, re-thinking how real-time information networks change streets and cities, neighborhoods and organizations, mobility and work, play and public space. He works on major urban development projects worldwide.

Dan Hill-Keynote: New Soft City from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

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